Student Handbook and Rules


                          Welcome to Meigs Elementary Schools

The mission of Meigs Elementary Schools follows the leadership of the Meigs County School District, in
cooperation with its citizens, to develop well-rounded
students that possess a sound basic education, a feeling of self-worth and a formula for success that will produce morally strong, productive citizens for our ever-changing society.

The staff at both schools hope all students find this year very rewarding, exciting, and enjoyable.  Their
success is based on developing good study habits, making new friends and being themselves.

Parents are very important to us.  It is our goal to work closely with each of you to ensure that your child is provided the best education possible.  Children are more capable of achieving this success whenever a strong home and school partnership is formed.

Any food that is sent to school with your child should be healthy and nutritious.  Please check with your child’s teacher before sending food to be served to the   entire class for any reason such as a class party. We do have children with food allergies and wish to keep        
everyone safe.
We are looking forward to a great year.  A team effort between home, school, and student will ensure our school as a place of promoting a love for learning.

Trudy Templeton                            Jane Rogers
Principal                                         Principal
Meigs North Elementary                 Meigs South Elementary
334-5454                                      334-5444

SCHOOL ARRIVAL  The school building will open at 7:45 a.m..  When students arrive, whether by bus or parent, they will report to their classroom or cafeteria if eating breakfast.  Any student arriving at school after 8:15 a.m. must have an adult sign them in at the office.

SCHOOL DISMISSAL Students who are picked up by parents at the end of school day must be picked up in the car rider line, not the office.   Parents who are still on school grounds at bus time must wait until buses are gone before pulling out.  Pre-K classes will be having class until 1:30.  Early pick up is not allowed unless emergency.

SEVERE WEATHER, as determined by the administration, may cause time delay or early dismissal.  Any such circumstances will be announced through the school cast calling system and over the
following radio and television stations:

  RADIO                                        TELEVISION STATIONS

  Cleveland WCKW/WBAC/WCLE  Chattanooga Channel 3, 9, 12
  Athens WLAR/WJSQ/WYXI         Knoxville Channel  6, 10
  Sweetwater WDEH
  Rockwood WOFE
  Spring City WKOE
  Dayton WKOE
  Chattanooga radio US101
  Knoxville radio WNOX/WOKI/WIVK

If no report is heard, it may be assumed that school will be open on time.  Please do not call school officials, as the school receives its information from the radio also.  This will leave the school open for emergency calls.

VISITORS Parents or visitors must  report to the office and speak to the principal or designee in order to request a conference time w/teacher.

LUNCH PROGRAM  If you receive food stamps or family’s first from the Dept of Human Service effective June 2008 you may
qualify automatically upon us receiving notification from Dept of
Human Services.  If not, please complete one application for all 
children attending Meigs County schools since you may qualify under the free and reduced guidelines.  We encourage all paying
customers to pre-pay since charging meals is only available in case of emergencies.
Prices for elementary students are:

   Breakfast-$1.00 full paying; 30 cents reduced price

   Lunch-$1.75 full paying; 40 cents reduced price

   Visitor-Breakfast $1.50   Lunch $2.75
ATTENDANCE  Any student who has been absent from school three (3) consecutive days or absent from school for five (5) or more days  duing the year without an acceptable reason will be considered truant from school. 

Any student who becomes truant will be referred to
the county attendance officer for further action.  

The parent/guardian must provide the school with a written explanation concerning all
student absences upon the student’s return to school. 
(Board Policy 6.200)

EXCUSED ABSENCES  Students with personal illness(accompanied by a doctor, dental or parent note), death in 
           the family or special and recognized religious holidays. 
           Make-up work will be given.

  UNEXCUSED ABSENCES  If the student’s absence does not meet the requirements of the excused categories, he willbe given an unexcused absence.  It will be at the discretion of the principal if work missed can e made up.  After five (5) unexcused absences for/during the year, a letter will be given to the parent.  On the 11th unexcused absence, the child’s name will be sent to the Truancy Board.  Students will only go before the Board once within a two year period of time.  Any additional nexcused absences will be taken before the Juvenile Judge.

*After 3 notes from parents, a medical excuse is required

withdrawing from school must check-out with the office.  This assures us that all books have been turned in and all money matters have been settled.  No record will be sent to another school until the student has been cleared by this procedure.  (Board Policy 6.207)

PHOTOGRAPHING, INTERVIEWING AND/OR FILMING OF STUDENTS  Students may be filmed/photographed during certain school activities (example-ball games, annual, field trips, etc.)  If you do not wish for this to happen, contact your child’s principal and fill out the proper forms.  (Board Policy 6.604)

FIRE ALARMS  Anyone caught pulling a fire alarm in the building will be suspended from school for three (3) days.  The fire alarms are installed in our buildings to report fires and alert occupants to clear the building.  It is unlawful for any person knowingly to pull a false fire alarm or to aid, abet, or connive with any other person for the purpose of turning in a false alarmA person violating this section will be arrested and convicted by the Meigs County Sheriff’s Department.  The
conviction of violation of the above ordinance can result in a fine of $500 plus court cost.

DRESS CODE  Students will be expected to keep themselves well-groomed and neatly dressed at all times.  Any form of dress or hair style  (ie, Mohawks, unnatural hair color) which is considered contrary to good hygiene or which is destructive or disruptive in appearance and detrimental to the purpose or conduct of the school, will not be permitted.  Shorts of an appropriate length and size (at or below the fingertips when standing erect with arms at side) will be permitted for boys and girls; however, spaghetti strap tops, tube tops, halters, or other similar items of clothing will not be permitted.  Shirts with obscene or questionable printing on them will not be permitted.  Hats and caps are not
permitted.  Because of the destructive nature, no metal cleats or taps will be permitted on boots or shoes.  Shoes that convert into roller skates will not be permitted.  Backpacks must be clear or mesh for all grades. (Board Policy 6.310)

SCHOOL SUPPLIES may be purchased each morning during times designated by the school.

DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES  School discipline is simply a matter of courtesy, manners, and attitudes on the part of the students.  All faculty members and administrative members have equal authority.  Insubordination will not be permitted.  Students are expected to do what is asked of them under the jurisdiction of any faculty member.  Teachers are employed to TEACH, NOT POLICE and students are expected to be in school to LEARN and conduct themselves accordingly.  Different forms of discipline may be administered according to the severity of the offense, the individual student, and the judgment of the teacher. 

Corporal punishment is permitted by county board policy and state law when deemed necessary by the teacher or principal.  If corporal punishment is not to be administered to a child, then you must submit a letter in writing to the principal.  This must be done each year.  The letter is to be submitted in August or when you enroll in Meigs County Schools.
When disciplinary problems warrant the need for a parent-teacher conference, parents will be expected to meet at a convenient time for both parents and teacher.  When a student refuses discipline from the teacher, the student will be sent to the office.  After the classroom teacher has tried several methods of discipline with a student and the student does not conform, action will be taken through the principal.
1st Offense-principal conference with student and parent will be 
2nd Offense-in-school suspension
3rd Offense-the child and parent are required to appear before the
         Disciplinary Board.
SUSPENSIONS  When a number of disciplinary cases have been
reported, indicating that a student has not conformed to the acceptable rules and regulations of the school, it shall be up to the discretion of the principal to determine if the student’s conduct warrants suspension. 

Suspension will be enforced when students refuse any discipline.  In case of suspension, the parents or guardians shall be notified of the
suspension at once and asked to pick their child up at school.
(Board Policy 6.313)

REASONS FOR SUSPENSION  A student shall be suspended from school sponsored activities for the following:

1.  Willful and persistent violation of the school’s rules and regulations.
2.  Fighting-All persons that exchange contact in the fight will be
     punished.  The person in charge will make every effort to determine
     which person is responsible for starting the fight and punished
     accordingly. Students should learn to report intimidating behavior to
     the teacher in charge and NOT TO RETURN BLOWS.
3.  Violence or threatened violence against the person of any employee  of  the Board of Education will be handled in accordance with the guidelines formulated on  9-15-99.
4.  Possession of a pistol, gun, or firearm on school property.
5.  Possession of a knife, etc. as described in TCA 39-4901 on school  property.
6.  Gambling on school grounds.
7.  Stealing
8.  Unlawful use or possession of barbital or legend drugs, as defined in TCA 52-1202.

PROBLEMS OR CONCERNS  should be handled in the following way:

Any problem concerning your child should first be brought to the attention of  your child’s teacher.

If a solution cannot be found by meeting with the classroom teacher,
      the parent next needs to address the problem with the principal.

If an agreement is not reached after a conference with the principal,
      the Board of  Education will hear the concern and render a

Complaints made to the board must be submitted to the school’s principal and Board in writing. 

Request to address the Board must be approved at least five days before the meeting.
NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY & GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES  It is the policy of the Meigs County School System not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national origin, creed, age, marital status, or disability in its education programs, activities, or employment policies as required by Title VI and VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments and the Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

It is also the policy of this district that the curriculum materials reflect the cultural and racial diversity present in the United States and the variety of careers, roles, and lifestyles open to women as well as men in our society.  One of the objectives of the total curriculum and teaching strategies is to reduce stereotyping and to eliminate bias on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, religion, and disability. The curriculum should foster respect and appreciation for the cultural diversity found in our country and as awareness of the rights, duties, and responsibilities of each individual as a member of a pluralistic society.

All inquiries of concerns regarding compliance with Title VI or Title IX may be directed to Chris Ziegler and/or Donald E. Roberts, Director of Schools at Meigs County Board of Education, P.O. Box 1039, Decatur, TN  37322 or phone (423) 334-5793.

FIELD TRIPS  The faculty and staff of Meigs County Schools encourage field trips that are educationally sound. If your child is going on a field trip, notices will be sent home to be signed by the parent/guardian, returned to school, and kept on file.  A student will lose his/her privilege of going on a field trip if he/she has three or more documented punishments, has in-school suspension once or has been suspended from school during that semester.  (Board Policy FCB)

BUS, FIRE AND TORNADO DRILLS  are held throughout the year.  The signal for the fire drill is the fire alarm; the signal for the tornado or wind alert is announcement over the “PA” system..  Check the instructions in each classroom (they are posted) indicating how to leave the building in case of fire or which area to report to in case of a tornado.  Students should refrain from talking and move quickly and quietly to a designated area.  (Board Policy 4.302)

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS  Pre-K,  Kindergarten and all other students entering school for the first time must have on file a recent physical examination, a  Tennessee Certificate of Immunization (green sheet), a birth certificate (with the state seal), and social security number.  (Board Policy 3.201)

EMERGENCY, FIRST AID, AND MEDICATION  All parents should provide the school with an emergency alternate phone number.  If case of an accident, first aid will be given and the parents notified.  No medication of any kind will be given unless the necessary forms are filled out and on file in the school office.  No child will be permitted to bring medicine of any kind on the bus.  An emergency card will be kept for each student in the office and the parent or guardian is responsible for keeping the information updated. 
(Board Policy 6.405)


   1st Occurrence-The student will not be allowed back in school withoutproof of  treatment.  Student will be allowed a maximum of 2 days excused absence after that absence will be unexcused.  The student’s head must be checked by a school official and found what appears to be lice and nit free before re-entering.  (Board Policy 6.4031 Exhibit #1)

   2nd Occurrence-The parent will be required to set up a conference with the school principal to review the treatment procedures and at that time must show proof of treatment.  The student’s head will be checked and must be lice and nit free before re-entering.  Appropriate forms will be signed by  parent, principal, and school nurse.  (Board Policy 6.4031 Exhibit #3)
   3rd Occurrence-Upon the third or more occurrence of any student found with lice and/or nits, student must be brought to school to be re-checked and found completely lice and nit free.  If the 3rd re-infestation occurs within three (3) weeks of the second , a parent conference will be held with the  principal and nurse.  If student is found non-treated, a referral will be issued to Children’s Services and Meigs County Juvenile Court. 
   (Board Policy 6.4031 Exhibit #4)

DRUG AND ALCOHOL  Any student who intentionally sells, gives, possesses, uses, or is under the influence of illicit drugs, narcotics, or alcohol on school property, including buses, shall be expelled from school (2) reported to the appropriate agencies for possible legal action.

SOLICITATION  Students are not to solicit for money unless a project has been approved by the principal.  No sale of items is to be conducted at the school by students for community.  (Board Policy 6.701)

TEXTBOOKS  are furnished by the Meigs County Board of Education.  The cost for replacing or repairing any textbook, library books, computers, and bus seats will be the responsibility of the student’s parents or guardian. 
(Board Policy 4.401)

BUS RULES  The Meigs County Board of Education is allowed to place cameras on the buses for the purpose of documenting behavior that is inappropriate.  The school SRO officer can be placed on a bus at any time.  Bus rules will be covered in the classroom with the students and a copy of these rules can be obtained in the principal’s office or the SRO officer.  (Board Policy 6.308)

GRADING SCALE  Grades 1-5 use the following scale to denote progress in the student’s class work:
85-92BAbove Average
70-74DBelow Average

Report cards are issued following the end of each six weeks grading period.  Teachers will send home a 3 week progress report during the six weeks.  (Board Policy 4.600)

SCHOOL PHONE  The telephone in the office is for school use to be used for very important calls only.  Students will not be called to the phone.  In case of an emergency, the caller should give a message to the secretary and it will be relayed to the student.

Sept 7, 2009Dec. 18,  2009-early dismissal
Sept. 25, 2009Dec. 21, 2008- Jan. 5, 2010
Oct. 19-23, 2009Jan. 18, 2010
Feb. 15, 2010
Mar. 2, 2010    
Nov. 25-27, 2009April 5-9, 2010  
May 4, 2010
May 26, 2010
Student discrimination/harassment will not be tolerated.  Discrimination/harassment is defined as conduct, advances, gestures or words either written or spoken of a sexual, racial, ethnic or religious nature which:  unreasonably interfere with the student’s work or educational opportunities;  create an intimidating, hostile or offensive learning environment; imply that submission to such conduct is made an explicit or implicit term of receiving grades or credit; imply that submission to or rejection of such conduct will be used as a basis for determining the student’s grades and/or participation in a student activity.   (Board Policy 6.304)
                   FEDERAL REGULATIONS
All Meigs County Schools are in good standings with the state and
federal government on student achievement and academic assessments.
Parents may request information about the professional qualifications of their children’s classroom teacher(s) through the Director of Schools office.

Any person with a student who might be limited English proficient, in accordance with the federal guidelines, needs to notify the school or the Director of Schools office.

Schools will hold one annual meeting in September for Title I parents; offer a flexible number of meetings; involve parents in an ongoing
manner in the planning, review and improvement of Title I programs;       
discuss the education of their children; and develop a school-parent
compact that outlines the responsibilities of each party for improved
student academic achievement.        

Meigs County students will be involved in Peaceable School  Programs and Character Counts Programs regarding violence and drug prevention.  Also, Meigs County Schools have SRO officers on staff.
Meigs County Schools will honor a homeless child’s school of origin choice.  Any person with homeless children needs to contact the
Director of Schools office.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law, requires that Meigs County, with certain exceptions, obtain your written consent prior to the disclosure of personally identifiable
information from your child’s education records.  However, Meigs
County may disclose appropriately designated “directory information” 
without written consent, unless you have advised the District to the
contrary in accordance with District procedures.  The primary purpose
of directory information is to allow Meigs County to include this type of  
information from your child’s education records in certain school

Directory information, which is information that is generally not         
considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released, can also be
disclosed to outside organizations without a parent’s prior written
consent.  Outside organizations include, but are not limited to,
companies that manufacture class rings or publish yearbooks.

If you do not want Meigs County to disclose directory information
from your child’s education records without your prior written consent
you must notify the district in writing within 15 days of this notice. 
Meigs County has designated the following information as directory information:
Student’s nameAddressDates of attendance
Telephone listingGrade levelParticipation in officially
Email addressPhotograph  recognized activities/sports
Sports statisticsField of studyWeight/height of members
Date and place of birth  of athletic team
Degrees,honors, and awards receivedMost recent education
  agency/institution attended

The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of
       Education concerning alleged failures by the District to comply       
       with the requirements of FERPA.  The name and address of the        
      Office that administers FERPA is:  Family Policy Compliance
      Office, U.S. Department of Education,
       600 Independence Ave. SW, , Washington, D.C. 20202-4605
The Meigs County School System does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, national origin or disabling          conditions in the education programs or activities that it operates.  This policy not to discriminate extends to employment by the school system.  In order to fulfill its obligation under Section 504 and ADA, the system has the obligation to identify and evaluate students suspected by the system as being disabled; and if the student is eligible, to afford access and reasonable modifications to the student in order to provide educational services.  If there is a disagreement regarding these issues, the complainant has a right to a hearing before an impartial party.
Under the guidelines of IDEA ‘97, Meigs County Schools are         
actively searching for students enrolled in private schools or who  
are home schooled that would meet the Federal guidelines of
begin educationally disabled.  In the event that you have a student
in your school or home that would be attending public school
and who would be suspected of being or is disabled and needing
special education in order to benefit from their educational
program, please contact G. David Brown, Meigs County  Board
of Education, PO Box 1039, Decatur, TN  37322 or
Anyone who believes that Meigs County School System has
       discriminated against them or another individual may file a
       complaint.  Meigs County Schools has designated the following
      people to handle such grievances to comply with the law. 

Complaints of discrimination on the basis of sex and disability should be directed to G.David Brown, Special Education Director,   OR, Donald E. Roberts, Director of School,   OR, Christine Ziegler, Assistant Director of Schools/Federal Programs Coordinator at Meigs County Board of Education, PO Box 1039,
Decatur, TN  37322 or 423-334-5793.

Meigs County Schools are interested in finding individuals from birth to age 22 who may have disabilities.  Child Find activities target    children attending Meigs County Schools, home school students,   migrant, homeless, whether they are at risk, have difficulty  progressing from grade to grade or are gifted.

Answers to many questions and much helpful information may be       obtained from the State Department of Education by
calling 1-888-212-3162 or visiting

Legal Services Division
Division of Special Education
Tennessee Department of Education
710 James Robertson Parkway
Andrew Johnson Tower, 5th Floor
Nashville, TN  37243-0380
Phone: 615-741-2851
Fax: 615-253-5567 or 615-532-9412

Southeast Field Service Center
3535 Adkisson Drive
PO Box 3570
Cleveland, TN  37320
Phone: 423-614-8755
Fax : 423-614-8759
Child Advocacy Group Contact Information
In addition to the state and local resources available to parents and children, there are many agencies and organization that offer support, information, training, and help in advocating for persons with disabilities in Tennessee.

The ARC of Tennessee
44 Vantage Way, Suite 550 Nashville TN  37228
Phone: 615-248-5878 800-835-7077
Fax: 615-248-5879  Email:

Support and Training for Exceptional Parents (STEP)
712 Professional Plaza, Greeneville, TN  37745
East Tennessee:  423-639-2464

Tennessee Protection and Advocacy (TP&A)
416 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN  37212
800-287-9636 or 615-298-1080
615-298-2471 (TTY)  615-298-2046 (FAX)

Tennessee Voices for Children
East Tennessee
Phone: 865-609-2490
Fax:  865-609-2543

For more extensive list visit the Tennessee Disability Services -
Disability Pathfinder Database:
On the web page, select your “county” and the “service” you desire from the drop-down lists and click “Submit”.

Profanity or obscene gestures in the school, on the grounds, or on the bus is prohibited.

No gambling of any kind is permitted on school property.

No running or horseplay is permitted in or around the building
during or after hours.

The buying, swapping, or trading of objects is not permitted on   school property.

Students are expected to leave  cell phones, tape recorders, CD players, and video games at home.
Knives, matches, lighters, tobacco products, and weapons are

Breakfast and lunch may not be charged for more than ten (10)
consecutive days.

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the  day for any reason.

No wearing of hats or caps in the building.

No chewing gum is allowed at school.

Parents must send a note if a child is to go somewhere other
than their home or usual place after school, such as going home
with another student.  This note must be signed by the 
student’s principal.  School bus driver will not permit any child    
to ride without this signed note, according to  the Director of  
Schools, Donald E. Roberts.

No glass containers will be allowed to be brought to school for
safety purposes.

Students arriving late for school must have an adult check them
in through the office.

All parents and visitors are expected to check in at the office.

Students who have been absent must bring a note to school
explaining their absence on their first day back at school or their
absence will be marked unexcused.

Students are expected to always be on their best behavior and to
always do their best.

Due to large enrollment of students,  parents must send a
written  note of any changes to student’s car riding or bus                                 
schedule.  Phone calls will be taken in cases of emergencies            
before 2:00 p.m.