Senior Walk 2015
On Thursday, April 23rd, Meigs South welcomed back 28 graduating seniors from the 2015 class.  Each of these ladies and gentlemen were former students of Meigs South!

The seniors were treated to a yummy treat, they visited all the current students & encouraged them to do well on their upcoming TCAP/SAT 10 test, and they also joined our students in the gym for a Testing Pep Rally!  In addition to the seniors, MSE students were also introduced to our central office staff and our Director of Schools. 

Meigs South is incredibly proud of all of the students who have come through our school. Congratulations to these seniors ~

Seniors Participating

Bryson Baker *
Sammy Bennett *
Mary Brolyes
Cassie Caldwell *
Jordan Carroll
Haley Colbaugh
Dylan Crisp
Megan Crowder
Amber Dixon
Halie Fine
Jade Gant
Ashley Gill
Kandace Hammontree
Caitlyn Lawson
Isaac Melton
Holly Moore
Brad Parton
Breanne Perry *
Tyler Petit
Hannah Roberts
Hunter Shaver *
Billee Skidmore *
Madison Stiner *
Kristen Sweet
Lindsey Wilbur
Holly Wilford
Jessica Wilson
Meghan Zook *

* Indicates students who prepared speeches to share with MSE students.