Our Mission
Meigs South Elementary School, in partnership with the community, strives to promote academic and personal growth by providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students.
Our Vision
The Meigs South Elementary Faculty and Staff envision our school as a safe learning environment where students are loved and taught to be successful.  All stakeholders are valued as important partners and are encouraged to become actively involved in educational and decision making processes.  The faculty strives to meet the individual needs of all students regardless of developmental rate, interest or learning style.  This is done by using the latest academic and technological advances and researched based instructional strategies so that every student can reach their maximum potential while becoming college or career ready.  This is the principal responsibility of the faculty and staff in partnership with the parents and community.
Our Beliefs
1.All students will have an equal opportunity to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

2.All students should be provided with resources that multiply opportunities to develop higher order thinking skills.

3.All students should value and respect themselves and other students, property, and staff including their values, heritage, and beliefs.

4.All students and parents should understand the relevance of differentiated instruction and life-long learning as a progressive process.

5.All students will be taught by highly skilled, highly qualified, caring and effective school personnel who model continuous learning while displaying desirable character traits.

6. The core curriculum will be based on the Tennessee Curriculum Guide, Common Core Standards, current research based strategies, data to drive decisions, up to date technological resources, First to the Top regulations, and the No Child Left Behind benchmarks and standards.

7.All teachers and staff will follow the policies and procedures of the system, state, and federal governments to promote learning and good character.

8.All stakeholders will maintain high expectations and encourage all students to reach their maximum potential.

9.All faculty, staff, students, parents, and community officials will be encouraged to maintain the appropriate internal and external communication, voice their concerns/ recommendations, and collaborate in the decision making process thru an open-door policy in effort to improve student achievement.