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Our Mission:
The mission of the Meigs County High School students, faculty, administration and staff is to
develop well-rounded learners who possess a sound education and self-worth, and to create
viable opportunities for success that will facilitate learning and will generate morally strong,
productive citizens of our ever-changing society.  It is a priority of our school and our
community to not only meet but also exceed the state standards set forth for graduation each
year through careful monitoring of student capabilities and through the involvement of parents
and paraprofessionals in strategies that are designed to meet the diverse needs of all
students.  Meigs County High School aspires to foster, increase, and deepen a spirit of unity,
a code of safety, and a feeling of security within our school and our community.

Our Vision:
The vision of Meigs County High School is to continue to set high standards of achievement
for its students, faculty, and staff.  We envision delivering an individualized instruction to
ensure the success of all students according to their abilities.  Also, we see Meigs County
High School achieving excellence in all accountability measures, social and extracurricular
activities, and technology integration.  We envision ourselves developing and producing
successful citizens of this state.