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Planet Heroes!
By Amy Woods
Sep 28, 2012 - 1:02:03 PM

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Meigs North Recycle Program


Recycling and schools make a practically perfect partnership. A school recycling program provides a learning experience for everyone involved. By recycling at school, students, teachers, staff, administration and parents can learn not only the basics of recycling, but of sustainability and environmental stewardship.


School recycling programs also provide opportunities for teachers to offer valuable hands-on, real-life lessons to students.


            Our recycling program is led by 5th grade teacher Leslie Burger.   It is a privilege for our 5th grade students to join the recycling team.   Each hall has a container to collect aluminum cans and plastic bottles.   Each room is supplied with a container for cardboard and paper. The recycling team collects recycling every other Friday and takes to the “Recycling Dumpster” supplied by Santek Waste Services.

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