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Adult Education
phone: 423-365-5020 and 423-745-5111
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TN Office of Adult Education
   Meigs County Adult Education

 Mission/Vision/Core Values
                                             Mission                                                                                                       The mission of Meigs County Adult Education Program is to recruit area adults who wish to improve their basic education skills and/or prepare for their GED and to provide quality instruction to help them be successful.

The vision of the Meigs County Adult Education Program is to continue to grow and to improve the educational services we provide our students to help them become better educated and productive citizens of the workforce and the community.
Core Values:
Education is the key to success
It is never too late to improve your education
Lives can be changed through education
All students shall be respected
All students shall set their own goals
Encouragement is vital to a student's success
Communication among supervisor, instructors, and students shall be an integral part of our program

 Types of Programs Offered
Individualized Instruction
GED Preparation
Workforce Skills
Distance Education Class
Computer Lab

This project is funded under an agreement with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development